Event Details

  • Write Beginnings is happy to create customized flyers, provided to you electronically, that you are free to copy and distribute for promotional purposes. You may also request a short write up of the event that can be used in school-wide emails, newsletters, or on social media as you begin to promote your event.
  • Schools that have been successful in promoting a workshop have done so through the coordinated efforts of all school staff members.
  • E-vite, Sign Up Genius, or simply keeping a sign-up list at your school site are helpful tools to facilitate attendance.
  • Some smaller groups have been successful by partnering with neighboring schools in their community or expanding the invitation to other groups of interested parties.
  • The presenter will need several large tables available and access to the meeting space at least 45 minutes prior to start time.

★ This is an educational opportunity for adults. The workshops are not designed to include children.