About Stephanie

About the Presenter…

  • Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California
  • Extensive training in sensory processing and overall motor development, with an emphasis on the pediatric population.
  • Expertise in providing individualized occupational therapy to children with special needs.
  • Significant experience with promoting efficient sensory processing and improved motor skills with typically developing preschool-aged children and their families.

Occupations give adults and children meaning and purpose. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I use purposeful activities that improve participation and independence for children with a disability or injury.

I have over seventeen years of experience as a practicing occupational therapist, hold a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California, and keep current on the latest research and best practices. I particularly enjoy working with young children to accomplish educational milestones.

I currently work in a local school district as part of a collaborative program serving preschool-aged children who receive special education services. During the school day, I help children learn to maneuver their bodies in new ways over gross motor equipment and help others become more independent. I spend one-on-one time with children teaching them specific fine and gross motor activities that improve their hand skills, coordination, and stability. I modify activities, provide adaptive seating, and introduce sensory tools to increase a child’s comfort and participation in school. Play is central in a child’s development, so at the very heart of everything I do, I help children develop individual skills through purposeful play.

When I’m not playing with children at work, I’m frequently playing with my own children at home. Parenthood has given me the insight that if something isn’t easy to incorporate into a daily routine, it simply won’t get done. In my home, I serve up writing practice and fine motor activities at mealtimes, pack it into car trips, and tuck it into bedtime routines. Adding things to the daily grind has become second nature to me. Like most parents, I am juggling a lot, so I especially like to share professional strategies that are easy, inexpensive, and fun for a parent or teacher to incorporate into their daily routines.

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