Teacher Trainings

Stephanie Roberts MA, OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist • License #1569

Every time I hear Stephanie speak at our school, I learn more easy strategies I can implement into my classroom to help improve my student’s fine motor skills. Her perspective on development is so valuable to preschool teachers. The knowledge I have acquired from her has made me much more effective in the classroom. I would highly recommend her trainings to fellow preschool educators!
~ Alyssa Wallace, Special Education Preschool Teacher

Teacher Trainings: Incorporating Occupational Therapy Techniques into the Preschool Classroom

Did you Know?

  • Many children do not have sufficient hand skills to support efficient handwriting.
Young children are often encouraged to use pencils and markers before they are developmentally ready.
  • Early writing practice often results in poor pencil grasp, poor legibility, bad habits that are hard to break, and an avoidance of writing later in school.
  • Preschool-age children need to focus on developing crucial foundational skills to ensure academic success.
Stephanie Roberts, MA, OTR/L, girl painting on easel Stephanie Roberts, MA, OTR/L, table with art supplies Stephanie Roberts, MA, OTR/L, preschool teacher with students

What will You Learn?

  • Developmental grasp patterns and how to choose the correct coloring/writing tool for students.
  • What teachers can do to better prepare young children for success with handwriting later in school.
  • Practical classroom strategies to help students with sensory sensitivities.
  • Tips on how to easily modify your classroom environment, schedule, and routine to help children of all abilities.
  • Lots of activity ideas to help facilitate the development of hand skills that are inexpensive, fun, and easy to implement in a variety of preschool settings.
Two girls on merry-go-around, photo Young girls gluing paper, photo young girls applying glue to paper, photo

Who should attend?

Stephanie’s breadth and depth of knowledge of occupational therapy strategies for preschool and school-aged children is reinforced by her sensitivity and passion to educate teachers so we can provide the best accommodations for all of our students.
~ Paul Wolford, Preschool Teacher
  • This informative training is designed for preschool directors and classroom teaching staff.
  • Valuable tips, activities, and accommodations, can be easily incorporated into schools with varying philosophies, space, and funding sources.
  • Developmental patterns and activities discussed are relevant to children of all abilities.

Cost for Teacher Trainings

  • To receive a quote on hosting a Teacher Training for your school, please contact me directly at Stephanie@writebeginningsot.com
  • A Teacher Training session is 45 – 60 minutes in length.